The mission of Esprit is to partner with parents in the home education of their children through academic and aesthetic experiences that encourage natural curiosity and the pursuit of what is true, good, and beautiful in God’s extraordinary creation. Using an eclectic blend of classic and modern academic tools, we affirm the ideals of Charlotte Mason: children are born persons with a desire to learn, and the role of the educator is to provide a rigorous feast of ideas that nurtures this desire through quality living books, the arts, and the study of the natural world.

In the French language, the word esprit can be used to denote both the mind that reasons and the spirit that lives within. At Esprit we believe that the life of the mind and the vitality of the spirit profoundly shape us as human beings, and the careful nurture of both mind and spirit is a fundamental goal of a child’s education. It is our privilege to create a learning environment that inspires, challenges, and equips students as they, in the words of the poet John Milton, “behold the bright countenance of truth in the quiet and still air of delightful studies.”

For the children? They must grow up upon the best . . . There is never a time when they are unequal to worthy thoughts, well put; inspiring tales, well told.

Charlotte Mason

Nurturing Mind & Spirit